Aqua Capital Management’s team has more than 30 years of experience in water rights investment and management and has completed more than 500 transactions in the water market.

Aqua Capital Management’s team possesses industry-leading experience in water rights investment and management, while managing and growing the largest institutionally owned, diversified portfolio of water rights in the United States. Our work in building this portfolio has provided us with knowledge and expertise in originating, structuring and executing complex water rights transactions. Aqua is the counterparty of choice because of our experience with local water market dynamics and understanding of competitive water rights pricing. We have helped our customers navigate required transactional protocols to complete water rights transactions quickly and efficiently. Our seasoned senior management team has a successful track record combined with industry-leading water rights expertise and direct experience in most major water markets. Read more about our senior team by clicking on the photos below.

David Penrice

Chief Executive Officer

Craig Bush

Managing Director