Aqua manages the largest institutionally owned, diversified portfolio of water rights in the United States and has executed more than 500 water rights transactions.

Aqua Capital Management is a water rights investment and management company focused on building a portfolio of water rights in water-scarce regions around the globe. We are uniquely positioned to help our customers understand the value of their water rights, and have the necessary expertise to provide the required assistance to execute complex water rights transactions. Aqua is the counterparty of choice because we understand local water market dynamics, offer competitive water rights pricing and provide assistance to navigate the required legal and regulatory protocol to complete water rights transactions quickly and efficiently.

We are active in most of the major U.S. water markets. We understand supply and demand dynamics of the water market on a local level as well as the impact of local water supply alternatives on water rights valuations. Additionally, we have strong relationships with the major water market participants. As a result, Aqua is able to provide the most competitive prices for water rights. Aqua’s team possesses the required expertise and understands the regional, state and jurisdictional protocols necessary to execute water rights transactions. We help our customers navigate the complexities of buying and selling water rights and can execute transactions quickly and efficiently.

Aqua Capital Management provides its customers with a menu of solutions to meet their specific water rights requirements. Our solutions include providing a competitive market price for water rights owners to sell, lease or option their water rights, enabling them to monetize their assets. Additionally, we offer solutions to users of water by providing water for sale, lease or option at competitive prices. We also help our customers by providing a range of risk management services to help them manage the water price and quantity risks inherent in their business.

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