Aqua Capital Management provides its customers with a menu of solutions to meet their specific water rights requirements.

Our solutions include providing a competitive market price for water rights owners to sell, lease or option their water rights, enabling them to monetize their assets. Additionally, we offer solutions to users of water by providing water for sale, lease or option at competitive prices. We also help our customers by providing a range of risk management services to help them manage the water price and quantity risks inherent in their business.



Preserving and protecting your water rights with solutions to maximize value.

Construction and Development

Leveraging our water portfolio and our access to the water market to provide customizable solutions to help ensure the success of your project.

Environmental Organizations

Providing market access to additional water supplies to help your organization achieve its environmental goals.

Financial Institutions

Identifying the water rights in your portfolio and offering solutions to maximize value.

Individuals and Trusts

Helping to identify, preserve and protect your water rights and providing solutions to maximize value.


Identifying and analyzing your water rights and providing solutions to unlock their value.

Municipalities and Water Utilities

Providing competitively priced wholesale water to help you consistently meet your customers’ water needs.


Assisting tribes to evaluate and analyze their water rights and providing solutions to optimize their value.