Construction and Development

Securing a long-term, reliable and affordable water supply is a challenge facing many construction and development projects in water-scarce regions. Whether the project in question is a commercial or residential real estate development, a manufacturing facility or some other high-water-use endeavor, managing the risk of obtaining a sustainable, reliable and affordable water supply is critical.

Aqua’s existing portfolio of water rights, combined with its access to water markets, uniquely position the company to offer customized solutions to manage the water risk of construction and development projects. We are experienced in working with projects as early as the planning process and up to project completion. Helping our customers understand their water supply alternatives and associated costs is a vital role we play to support the water needs of a project. To meet these needs, we provide our customers with various solutions including options, leases and sales. We offer competitive pricing, and we are committed to make the complex transaction process as simple and straightforward as possible.