Environmental Organizations

Environmental organizations often focus on protecting stream flows and species habitat by maximizing the quantity and quality of water available for environmental purposes. However, in many areas, the quantity of water reserved for the environment is inadequate to maintain minimum stream flows and protect species habitat. In some instances, environmental organizations are able to access water supplies via lease, purchase or dedication from the water market on a short- or long-term basis to support environmental requirements.

Aqua’s existing portfolio of water rights and access to water markets uniquely positions the company to offer customized solutions to help environmental organizations protect and enhance water supplies. We believe one of the benefits of functioning water markets is to place an appropriate value on this limited resource. If valued correctly, water waste should be reduced, allowing for increased supplies to meet environmental needs. Helping environmental organizations understand the available alternative water supplies and associated costs are solutions we are able to provide. We also offer competitive pricing and are committed to make the complex transaction process simple and straightforward.