Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, such as investment companies and banks, may have exposure to water rights in their portfolios. This exposure may consist of water rights included with businesses or properties within the portfolio of an investment company. Exposure to water rights may also reside with banks and other lenders who may have water rights included as collateral associated with existing loans. In some instances, financial institutions with exposure to water rights are unaware of the quantity, value or existence of the rights. In order to maximize value, water rights should be quantified, preserved, protected and actively managed.

Aqua has experience working with financial institutions by assisting them to identify, value and understand the water rights in their existing portfolios. Furthermore, we have provided financial institutions with solutions that allow them to monetize their water rights. We strive to make the complex transaction process simple and straightforward. Our experience in this area has included transactions related to liquidations, bankruptcies, defaults, workout opportunities and other transactions where liquidity is desired.