Municipalities and Water Utilities

Municipalities and water utilities are entrusted with delivering a reliable and safe drinking water supply to their customers at an economical price. Long-term planning is an important aspect of their operations because they need to secure an adequate water supply for the future. In the short term, more water supplies may be needed than originally anticipated due to increases in demand or reductions in supply brought on by hydrologic conditions.

Aqua has experience working with municipalities and water utilities by providing them with solutions to meet their current and future water supply requirements. A typical solution we offer is to provide competitively priced wholesale water on a short-term basis. This gives our customers the ability to augment their water supply when needed in a cost-effective manner. We have also provided our municipal and water utility customers with long-term supply solutions via long-term leases and permanent transfers of water rights. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing, and are committed to make the complex transaction process simple and straightforward.