Many tribes have rights to significant quantities of water. In some cases, the quantity is greater than the tribe’s existing needs or in excess of the tribe’s existing delivery capacity. This surplus water may be able to be delivered to other water users. Under the Nonintercourse Act tribal water rights are considered trust property and cannot be alienated without statutory authorization. However, tribes may be able to obtain approval for short-term or medium-term transfers of their surplus water rights. This would provide the tribes with beneficial income opportunities.

Aqua believes tribal water rights have significant value and in some cases are underutilized. Because of our water market experience we are uniquely positioned to assist tribes in evaluating their various alternatives for marketing their rights. Our evaluation process of potential water marketing alternatives is transparent and the goal is to help tribal customers receive maximum value. In addition to helping our customers realize maximum value, we also strive to make the complex transaction process simple and straightforward.